Meet the Presidents

Grades K-2nd

The Presidents are all dressed up and ready to make your acquaintance! Come and learn how each man helped establish the United States of America as a great nation. We will have a scavenger hunt for presidents and American symbols and even play a favorite game of the presidents. (Focus: K – letter and number recognition, older – history and geography)

I Spy

Grades K-2nd

I spy with my little eye, a book, a horse, a plane way up high. Can you find all these things? Come and give it a try! After taking a careful inventory of all the amazing things in the museum, an endless possibility for graphing and charting lies ahead! Who is the best detective in your class? (Focus: basic math or Level I Spanish)

Stories you wish you knew

Grades 2nd

The history of the United States is nothing more than ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. Come and discover acts of heroism and bravery that make American history a great adventure. (Focus: history)

Please Note:

***All tours are grade-level appropriate and meet TEKS requirements. When you reserve your tour, please be sure to specify your grade level and tour choice. All tours are approximately 1 ½ hours long and have a maximum capacity of 40 students.

***All tours can be customized to correspond with the topic and subject matter pertaining to your specific class.

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